8 Perfumes That Smell Like Roses

Instead of a million scarlet roses give yourself a bottle with their quite realistic smell

Rose Infernale Perfume Water, By Terry

Dark maroon, almost black rose forgotten in a vase. Water there is not there for a long time, so the velvety petals dried up and wrinkled at the edges. But the smell has not gone anywhere: stringy, pink-laced, it resembles the smoke of incense. Grim gothic still life in crimson tones.

Rose Turkia perfume water, Molinard

A peaceful picture of a sunny morning somewhere in the south. Above the thickets of bush roses bass buzzing bumblebees, and the flowers themselves are so massive that the branches under their weight bent to the ground. There is a viscous and tart honey fragrance in the air.

Rose America / Un Nuit a Montauk, Une Nuit Nomade

Aroma-landscape, olfactory sketch of the coastal town of Montauk on Long Island, where he liked to come to his country house Andy Warhol. The smell of rosehip fuchsia was mixed with the salty sea wind and the iodine smell of the waves. All together sounds cold, transparent, restrained.

Rosefire Perfume Water, Hermetica

A handful of pink petals were thrown into boiling sugar syrup, added starch, gelatin and lemon juice – turned out to be rickety-lukum. Serve with a hard-boiled black tea in a generous powdered powdered powder toss, so as not to cause an overdose of sweetness.

Une Rose, Frederic Malle

Rose in the natural environment, whether it is a garden, a modest flower garden in the country or a huge nursery of plants. Impeccable buds on stems with spikes dutifully open the petals with the first rays of the sun and close with the onset of dusk. During the day, the aroma of roses changes: from bitter green in the morning and honey in the midday heat to moist, with earthy tones, at sunset.

Perfume water Splendida Rose Rose, Bvlgari

Pale tea roses on long stems, with leaves in drops of water, have just been cut off and brought from the greenhouse into the house. A huge armful of flowers was put on the table, then placed in vases in the rooms – and future bouquets fragrant floral-green freshness thinly and ringing.

Peut-Etre perfume water, Lanc’me

In the box of the grandmother’s dresser there was a vintage organza bud. Pink flowers nostalgically smell of crumbly powder, coltcrem and lipstick. This warm, cozy, slightly cloying fragrance will warm the autumn evenings.

Perle Rare Rose Perfume, Panouge

Candy-bouquet rose with a change of aroma, built on contrasts. Caramel sweetness in half with the bitterness of green leaf juice, insinuating powderiness combined with (suddenly) a blast of citrus. Another proof that opposites are attracted.



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