How to get rid of advertising on Android smartphone

The presence of advertising on the site or in the application allows the owner to earn money. However, some publishers are so abusing advertising that the use of the smartphone becomes very uncomfortable, advertising climbs from all sides, from where it is not expected. If before advertising was only on sites, now it is shown and applications.

How to block ads on your smartphone

I’ve previously written about one of the ways to block ads on Android – The essence of it is to block access to advertising system sites through DNS entries in the HOST operating system file. If you adjust the matching of the names of all known advertising platforms to the address localhost equal, all requests will receive the device that sent them. And since our phone and/or tablet are not an advertising server, programs with advertising including the browser in response will not receive anything and accordingly, we will not see an advertising banner.

The method described earlier required access to the HOST file, which is only possible with ROOT rights. And if there are no such rights, you can use the recommendations below.

Personal DNS server in Android

In the Android 9 operating system, you can specify a personal DNS server in the Network and Internet settings. That is different from the one that the provider gives us. This allows us to use third-party DNS servers, including ad protection. One such server is Adguard DNS.

Adguard is known for its ad-blocking solutions. In this article, we’ll use the option of using special DNS servers that block access to ad network servers. In fact, they work in the same way as the HOST file, when you ask for the domain name of the ad network do not give anything in response.

How to remove Android ads with DNS

To block ads on a smartphone or tablet with Android 9 operating system, you need to go to the Settings “Network and Internet” and the section and specify as a Personal DNS server server

After that, it is desirable to restart the smartphone and advertising will disappear not only when viewing sites, but also from programs.

Weaknesses of the proposed method

First of all. This method only works on Android 9. If you have an earlier version of the operating system, you won’t be able to use it.

Second. When you use DNS servers, Adguard sometimes loses access to the right device websites or web interfaces. For example, to the Beeline Wired Internet Authorization page.


The proposed method of blocking ads on smartphones works equally well both on the mobile Internet and with Wi-Fi connection. This solution is perfect for unruly phones. You don’t need to install additional programs on your smartphone to block ads.

The successful ad blocking was tested on the smartphone Asus zenFone Max Pro (M1) with android 9 operating system, the version of firmware WW-16.2017.1910.059.


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