What to Do if Your Browser Automatically Starts and Shows Ads

If your browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox) suddenly started running and opening advertising sites, such as casinos, then with a 99% chance you caught the so-called “advertising virus”.

Classic antiviruses don’t detect this infection because it doesn’t directly harm your computer, doesn’t change your files, doesn’t steal your data. Therefore, the appearance of such unexpected advertising is puzzling: how so? I have a state-of-the-art antivirus, I use an ad blocker in my browser, but the ads still made their way to my computer.

Where do advertising viruses come from?

If you only visit “correct” sites then the probability of catching an advertising virus tends to zero, unless this correct site is hacked. If you regularly visit resources of questionable nature, such as torrent trackers with the distribution of freebies, then you are at risk. Here is the right way to come the proverb about free cheese in a mousetrap.

The browser itself opens with advertising – how to fix

The first thing we check your computer for viruses is that. Make sure the regular antivirus uses the freshest base.

Be sure to check your computer with an alternative antivirus. For example, if you’re using Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS), use Dr.Web CureIt, a https://free.drweb.ru/cureit/. It’s free for home use.

Dr.Web CureIt does not require installation and runs directly from the download folder.

Search for programs designed to show unwanted ads

The next point is to check your computer for AdWare programs. They are usually installed quite legally as options (additions) when installing free software.

The fact is that large IT companies are sponsors of free programs. Therefore, installing on your computer some audio player you can get a machine in pursuit, for example Yandex.Browser. Therefore, look carefully at all the ticks (check boxes) that are marked in the installer when installing programs.

But if Yandex.Browser is still useful software, then all sorts of utilities with advertising should be removed.

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner, https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner/, willhelp us with this again.

The program does not require installation and starts from the download folder.

The program is likely to find at least one infection from the pup.optional series. This is potentially unnecessary software that is installed on your computer along with a variety of free software. Although it does not pose an immediate threat to the computer and user files, this contagion can replace the home page, change the search engine by default, and also cause a huge amount of advertising on all the sites you visit.

If the browser opens on its own

For a browser to run without your knowledge it must be run by someone (something). It could be a third-party program running on a computer. But with such applications perfectly fight the above described methods. And if after their application, the browser, for example Internet Explorer still starts independently and shows advertising, most likely its launch is written in the scheduler of Windows jobs.

To test this, click on the keyboard of the “Win + R” keyboard, type taskschd.msc and press “OK.”

In the job planner that opens, the Job Planner Library needs to review the actions of all the jobs to start the browser:

In my example, there is a planned task: to run a conductor with the internet address file ctor.url. I have this file contains a link to the online resource https://culstepser.com.

If you go to this address, you may accidentally open a bookmaker’s website, casino or popular online game.

Definitely such a task should be removed or at least suspended if you doubt the correctness of your actions.

The browser starts itself when you log in to Windows

If the ad browser starts immediately when the computer is turned on. You need to see the auto load menu in the task manager. Or check out what’s on the Windows registry along the way: HKEY_CURRENT_USER’Software’Microsoft’s CurrentVersion’Run

There’s nothing suspicious about my example.


The spontaneous launch of a browser with advertising most often indicates that there is a job in the windows operating system planner, or in the auto-load menu.

In order not to have such a task reappeared after its removal, it is necessary to check the computer for the presence of Adware advertising software and viruses.


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