9 Essential Products For Women’s Health

Nutrition of both women and men should be adequate and correct, that is, balanced – with sufficient amounts of protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. But I would like to highlight families of products from my personal list of the most useful and important for women’s health.


I’m not just talking about broccoli, as the most fashionable, and about any kind of this vegetable. For example, cauliflower, ordinary white cabbage, Brussels. Any cabbage, even sauerkraut, in itself is very useful. Why is this product so important to women? Cabbage has a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements – iron, magnesium, potassium and other necessary for the normal construction of cells. It also contains substances that help the female body, let’s say, translate the wrong tarragenic hormones into the correct ones. Or rather, help block the transition of the right hormones to the wrong. It is on the basis of extracts cabbage create drugs and biologically active additives to prevent oncopathology of the breasts and uterus.



Everyone knows that fruits and berries are useful. But if we’re talking about features for the female body, I’d mention cranberries, buckthorn, blueberries, raspberries and currants. They have substances that are very similar in their effects to some antibiotics. That is, differ excellent antimicrobial action. For example, most drugs for the treatment of kidney and bladder disease are made based on cranberry extracts. To maintain the normal state of the microflora in the genitourinary system, it is necessary to use black and red berries in sufficient quantities.

ягоды свежие


Fish are omega acids, fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin D and E, which are necessary for calcium absorption in the blood, skin health, blood vessels, youth preservation, excellent bowel function. It is desirable to eat enough fish fat and those that did not eat antibiotics and hormones. That’s why trying to buy not grown in farms, and caught in clean waters – it’s not a whim, and the rule of health. The ideal fish is small in size, which has not yet accumulated heavy metal salts.

рыба сырая


An egg, like caviar, is, in fact, an egg. And, as you know, they contain the most balanced composition of vitamins and trace elements in order to successfully develop life in them. Be sure to include eggs in your diet. At the same time it is important to eat not hard-boiled, and such that the yolk in it remained raw.

тост авокадо

Curd and dairy products

Curd, natural yogurts and kefir contain live bacteria that have a beneficial effect on digestion, bowel function and contribute to the normalization of the microflora. Also, these are the right fats. I am not a proponent of excluding fats from food, especially in young and old age. Useful fats – in eggs, homemade cottage cheese, avocado – is a building material from which sex hormones are synthesized. So remember – eating low-fat food is extremely harmful.

йогурт греческий

Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are rich in so-called “beauty vitamins” that are extremely useful for the ovaries, skin condition, mucous, eye gloss and hair quality. Oils should be unrefined, i.e. natural. Among those that last the longest without refining, the favorite is olive oil. Excellent help the body to clean the vessels and synthesize proper good cholesterol also flaxseed and sunflower oils without refining. If you ask the Spaniards, which makes their nation famous for its longevity, you will hear the answer – olives, olive oil, oranges and the sun. And this formula is very real.

All kinds of nuts

Any nuts – the most optimal and useful product, which you can eat. They saturate the body with everything it needs, contain the right fats, light proteins and are rich in vitamins.

грецкие орехи


Spinach, dill, parsley, celery and in general all the herbs that we grow – very useful. These are stimulants of normal production of enzymes that are rich in folic acid, iron and all necessary trace elements. The most useful greens – the one you tore from the bed, washed and immediately ate, and the one that was in the cold, long prepared or stored.


Black chocolate

A piece of dark chocolate is allowed in almost all diets, it also stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. By the way, such properties are also inherent in hard cheese. However, chocolate is also a good bile product, as well as it stimulates the bowel, but do not forget – in all you need to know the measure.

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