Truth Or Myth: Is It Beneficial To Drink Water With Lemon Juice On An Empty Stomach?

One glass of water with fasting lemon juice – Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow and other celebrities call one of their main secrets of well-being. Allegedly, it helps to “wash away” all the toxins absorbed the day before, as well as those that the body in the process of metabolism independently worked out overnight. But is this type of detox suitable for everyone and what is its danger?

Useful water quality with lemon

This drink really contains a lot of useful substances: potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamins C, A and the entire subgroup of vitamins B. Therefore, getting into the body, the drink helps to activate the performance of all internal systems:

1. Water with lemon helps to remove inflammatory processes and stimulate the digestive tract. It has a special positive effect on the work of the intestines, weakening the harmful effects of toxins and chemicals.

2. On the liver the drink carries a cleansing effect, enzymes contained in water with lemon, stabilize the work of internal organs and promotes their purification from pesticides and harmful components.

3. Water with lemon is a means to lose weight. Nutritionists advise to drink to all those who want to adjust the figure.

4. The drink helps to stabilize the immune system by having antiviral, antipyretic and immunostimulating effects.

5. The optimal combination of magnesium as well as calcium in water with lemon helps to strengthen the bone system.

Вода с лимоном натощак

Harm and contraception

In addition to its positive properties, water with lemon juice has “minuses.”

1. Water with lemon is recommended to drink through a tube, as the sour drink can destroying the tooth enamel.

2. In inflammatory stomach diseases, especially with gastritis with increased acidity, the consumption of water with lemon juice can provoke the appearance of heartburn.

3. On an empty stomach such a drink can not be consumed and people suffering from gastric diseases in acute form.

4. Lemon is a strong enough allergenic fruit, so water with lemon can provoke the appearance of appropriate reactions in the body.

5. When bladder inflammations, it is not suitable for a lemon drink to drink.


Water with lemon for weight loss

There is no universal recipe for making lemon water for weight loss. Choose any liked, because the effectiveness they are not much different.

For example, in the morning just add a slice of lemon in warm water, let a little infuse and drink. This drink activates the digestive system and accelerates the process of splitting fats. You can also add a spoonful of honey to the glass.

Вода с лимоном и медом

Or grind one lemon along with the peel, the resulting porridge is added to the warm water. This drink helps to cleanse the body of toxins, so it serves as an excellent means of detoxification.

Use a lemon drink for weight loss should be competent, so that instead of the benefit not to harm your own body. Therefore, at the initial stage should use a glass of water with the addition of juice of half a lemon,and then two glasses with the addition of juice of one lemon. Drinking more than two glasses of drink is not recommended.


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